• 那座山为我改变了一切

    在芒特大学的那些年真的是我一生中最美好的时光. Before I began my journey at the Academy, I was always the girl who dreaded school. I walked into middle school every day with a knot in my stomach and my head held low. I was constantly scared to see what the day had in store for me. I had accepted this anxiety and shyness as part of my identity. 这是我最讨厌的部分. 但魔山改变了我的一切. 
  • 学术成就与个人发展之旅

    夫人. Wendy Barreto和Mr. 约瑟夫·巴雷托,22岁的凯拉和25岁的比安卡的父母
    Being part of the Mount community has been and will continue to be both an honor and a privilege for our family.  Our oldest daughter Kayla was a 2022 graduate and our youngest daughter Bianca will graduate in 2025.  当我们回顾他们的高中生活时, our family is filled with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment. With the guidance from Sister Lisa and the entire Mount staff, these transformative years have shaped them into the young women they are today.
  • 一个骄傲的马族终身成员

    One thing I have discovered from my four years attending the Mount is that it is a special place full of unique opportunities, 坚定的支持, 热情的社区成员. With supportive faculty who truly care about the success of each and every one of their students, I was able to thrive in an environment where I can grow my confidence and interests while also being pushed and challenged to succeed. Having a smaller class size allowed me to ask questions and my teachers were always willing to help me outside of class when needed. 在一起, with smaller class sizes and an abundance of clubs and activities to join, 每个人都可以参与其中. This also creates a multitude of leadership opportunities that are harder to find in other schools.
  • 在其他学校找不到的难得机会

    Grace Puglisi, 25岁
    My experience at the Mount has been nothing short of amazing. 我非常感谢圣玛丽山社区. It has helped me to form lifelong relationships and has provided me with rare opportunities that can’t be found at other schools. 例如, my Euro Challenge team competed in the national competition and came in first place this year! We are one of the few schools in the area that participate and we won a trip to Washington, 特区政府访问国际货币基金组织, 意大利和拉脱维亚大使馆, 和财政部.
  • 从圣山毕业的年轻女性无所不能

    夫人. 乔伊·皮特瑞特·莫里森,15岁的玛丽和24岁的特蕾莎的母亲
    Genuinely devoted to developing the whole person, the Mount is unique. 我有七个孩子. 我的大女儿, 玛丽, 2015年从Mount毕业,是我的第六个孩子, 特蕾莎, 将于2024年毕业. Each flourished in different ways, depending on their individual talents. A Mount education is structured to help each student identify their strengths and pursue them - whether it be in sports, 学者, 服务, 学生会, 灵性, 音乐, 或者其他兴趣.
  • 恭敬、坚强、独立的女性

    Lesley Anne and Garrett Ferris, Mother of 玛格丽特 '22 and Katherine '24
    My family has had the privilege of being part of the Mount community for six years. 我们的女儿, 玛格丽特, is a Class of 2022 graduate who currently attends the University of Notre Dame. 在我心中, I can say with conviction that had it not been for the incredible guidance of 政府 and the stellar faculty at Mount, 玛格丽特今天不会在那里. At college, she is very involved in student life and attributes this to her time at Mount.
  • 在山上成为最好的自己

    The Mount is a place where you can strive to be your truest self. It has helped me grow as a person and as a student, pushing me to be my best self. 魔山赋予我善良的力量, 诚实的, and ambitious; and the sisterhood of the school builds us into merciful and considerate young women.
  • 种子在这里播种

    Erika Parisse Demetrick '89, former Board of Trustee member
    The Mount provided me with the opportunity to develop a strong voice that paved the way for success in the male-dominated environment when I attended RPI. I was not intimidated to ask questions and voice my opinions. I have also applied the Mercy Core Values by serving others in the workplace, 通过志愿服务, 在我的人际关系中. What you learn at 圣玛丽山书院 is carried with you throughout your whole life. 种子种在这里.
  • 山:我的理想之地

    I cannot fully express the tremendous amount of gratitude I have towards the Mount, giving me the opportunity to succeed academically and personally. I have the privilege to say that the Mount has been both a blessing and a valuable experience like no other. 学生之间的团结, 教师给予的支持, and endless opportunities have shaped me to be the successful young woman I am today. 我记得当我还是个小女孩的时候, 我父母开车经过那座山, explaining to me importance and impact this would have towards my future, 也不去看那山的一切奇景, 我坠入爱河.
  • Mount教育的好处是“不可估量的”

    Mr. Timothy Bialecki, Samantha Bialecki的父亲
    作为一个刚毕业的孩子的家长, I would like to extend my deepest heartfelt thank you for the fabulous education that you provided to my daughter. She is doing splendidly at an academically rigorous and very selective university.
  • 山投资女性领袖的未来

    Dr. 胡安妮塔J. 戴利,24岁的佐伊·戴利和26岁的麦肯齐·戴利的母亲
    我一直是公立学校教育的支持者. My mother was a school teacher and my father served on the board of education. My siblings and I were public school educated and we are all very successful in large part due to our parents’ expectations and involvement, 我们的学习成绩和课外活动. I did not seriously consider a parochial high school education for my children until they were in middle school. Being exposed to other parents who made that choice for their children and witnessing their success, my husband and I decided this was the right path for our family. 
  • 马:这是我做过的最好的决定之一

    In 2019, I was an eighth-grade student, eager but unsure about the four years ahead of me. 我能在学业上茁壮成长吗? 参加我感兴趣的课外活动? 结交新朋友? That fall, I toured Mount’s picturesque campus at the annual open house. 就像我听到的那样, well-spoken students share the ways their high school choice changed their lives for the better, 我的三个问题旁边的方框都勾选了, 我爱上了圣玛丽山所提供的一切.